Life presents challenges every day and in every way. We know a world of families free from active substance abuse and mental health disorders is possible.

Our mission is to provide personalized substance abuse and mental health treatment that makes recovery possible, probable, and achievable. We offer Group therapy, Individual therapy, medically assisted treatment with Suboxone and Vivitrol, DUI education, and Medication management. We offer in-person and telehealth services to meet the unique needs of all our clients.

Our goal at Cove Recovery is to help clients lead a life in recovery with sensitivity and compassion. Because we know it’s not easy to ask for help. And we want nothing but your success.

That’s why we coordinate care to support clients’ personalized treatment plans and to meet their substance abuse and mental health treatment needs.

Founded in 2009, by J. David Collins, LCSW-C, BCD, MAC, DCSW, C-ASWCM, SAP, on the principles:

  • Everyone can recover.
  • Substance abuse frequently co-occurs with other mental health disorders.
  • A skilled multi-dimensional treatment team provides the highest quality treatment and outcomes.
  • No matter who you are, everyone deserves compassion, empathy, and the best evidenced based treatment available.

At Cove Recovery we do our best to show clients kindness and respect, no matter where their path led before they arrived at our door.

To ensure that our clients get the treatment they deserve, we work hard to maintain a team that:

  • is made up of the best people with the strongest education and experience. The majority of the treatment team holds a minimum of a masters level education or are in the process of obtaining higher levels of education
  • takes part in continual education and development programs that keep our patients well-served. We use the most up to date evidence based treatment protocols and tool


Our practice is also deeply woven into the community. We assess and treat clients who have been referred to us by local medical practices and attorneys. We also work closely with local programs to support the needs of clients who may be involved with the court system or parole and probation.

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