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Welcome to Cove Recovery, LLC, your trusted provider of comprehensive behavioral health care on the Eastern Shore. With over 13 years of experience, we offer a safe haven where individuals can find refuge and support amidst life’s storms. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to personalized care within a supportive community to foster lasting healing, growth, and recovery. Join us at Cove Behavioral Health and embark on a journey toward well-being.

Cove Recovery is the largest outpatient provider of substance abuse treatment and mental health services in Wicomico, Dorchester, Worcester, and Somerset counties.

Providing solutions that help you live from a foundation of recovery, connection, and support.


Mental Health Services

Services for substance abuse, mental health therapy, and medically assisted treatments are available via telehealth across the state of Maryland and in-person at four Eastern Shore locations. Clients can tailor how they receive treatment to meet their unique needs.


Substance Abuse Treatment

Our clients come to us from all walks of life. And we welcome all who are faced with the overwhelming challenge of stopping the use of drugs…

Medically Assisted Treatment

 Our  Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) program is called Bridge to Abstinence. Clients who successfully complete…

Mental Health Therapy

Those who seek individual psychotherapy will work with experienced Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW-C) to develop…

We can provide help with substance abuse and mental health services for individuals and families. 

We’re here to assist you in finding solutions. Solutions that will help you live from a foundation of recovery, connection, and support.

And most importantly, it’s your goals that we are committed to.

We use a wide array of modalities and a personalized approach to treatment for each client. In other words, our team is equipped to help you face your mental health challenges and assist you in building a foundation of recovery. Ultimately, allowing you to live a life that feels like you belong there. 

Four Locations to Serve You

Phone: 410-548-3333

Fax:  410-548-3341

Salisbury, Maryland

Cambridge, Maryland

Berlin, Maryland

Princess Anne, Maryland 

If you struggle with substance abuse or mental health issues,
or just need help navigating personal change, we are here for you.


This CARF symbol means you are in trusted hands, as we’ve worked diligently to achieve the 3-year national accreditation of this esteemed notice of excellence.


Cove Recovery is a National Health Service Corps (NHSC) approved site


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Entering Treatment

It’s easy to enter into treatment with Cove Recovery. You can simply pick up the phone and give us a call, or text us, or complete an online request for treatment. We’ll schedule an appointment with you so that we may run your assessment. That comprehensive assessment is done by a therapist or counselor and will subsequently help us create your individualized treatment plan. Learn more about working with us.

Treatment Planning

You will work with your therapist or counselor to create an individualized treatment plan. In addition, you will set recovery goals that you will work towards during treatment.

Your treatment plan will evolve as your treatment progresses. Treatment will help you focus on your goals. You will identify actions needed to meet goals and ultimately address issues that are creating barriers to achieving goals. Discover more about the services we offer.

About Us

At Cove Recovery our goal is to help individuals through substance abuse treatment and mental health services with sensitivity and compassion. Because we know it’s not easy to ask for help. And above all, we want nothing but your success.  

That’s why we coordinate care to support personalized treatment plans that meet your substance abuse and mental health needs. Learn more about our team.


“My experiences at Cove Recovery have brought new enlightenment to my life. They have assisted me in gaining a fresh perspective, dealing and coping with life experiences. In addition, they have provided me with the tools to be successful in recovery. The staff have all been very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient throughout my process. This experience has improved my life, and my physical and mental health.”

“I’ve been very impressed with all the help that I’ve received from Cove Recovery. I’ve learned how to cope with my addiction. As a result, I have learned how to live a normal life without the use of drugs. The treatment team educated me on my disease as well as taught me ways to identify relapse traps. Before, I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings other than using drugs. Now, I use the tools that I’ve learned from Cove Recovery and apply them to life every day. The biggest thing that has saved my life is learning not to react to what I think of doing, but think about what to do before I do it.  I would just like to thank Cove Recovery for helping me save my life!”

“The first time I stepped into Cove Recovery was in 2016. I woke up one day and found two of my closest friends dead in my living room from an apparent overdose. Meanwhile, my young son was upstairs sleeping. Consequently, I knew I needed a change and spending time in jail wasn’t exactly the change I wanted. I needed support outside of my immediate circle. Coming to Cove Recovery I found the support I needed. And finally, I found a place where I didn’t feel alone. Cove Recovery saved my life and allowed me to have a second chance. I’m forever grateful for this place and every single person I’ve come in contact with since coming there.”

Do it for yourself.
And do it for your family.

Our Vision

We envision a world of families free from active substance abuse issues and untreated mental health disorders.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide personalized substance abuse treatment and mental health services that make recovery possible, probable, and achievable.

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