Cove Recovery Joins 2023 Overdose Awareness Night to Strengthen Community Bonds


Cove Recovery Joins 2023 Overdose Awareness Night to Strengthen Community Bonds

In the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Cove Recovery, LLC, a behavioral health facility with deep roots in the community, recently made its presence felt at the 2023 Overdose Awareness Night in Princess Anne and Salisbury, MD. This event served as a poignant reminder of the significance of unity in the face of substance abuse and addiction issues, particularly in the local communities of the Eastern Shore.

Overdose Awareness Night holds a special place in the hearts of many, not just on the Shore but across the world. It’s a night dedicated to remembering those who have been lost to overdose, raising awareness about the ongoing battle against addiction, and emphasizing the importance of access to vital resources.

Lindsay Marine, LGPC, an integral part of the Cove team, shared her sentiments about the event: “Overdose awareness night was an important night in Princess Anne. As a small town in a rural area, access to resources can be difficult. It was great to be out in the community to meet everyone and share the things we are doing to support people in recovery at Cove.”

The 2023 Overdose Awareness Night brought together an impressive array of providers and resources from across the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The collective effort put into organizing this evening was not lost on the attendees, and Cove Recovery, LLC, was among those deeply appreciative of the occasion.

Heather Collins, Executive Director of Cove Recovery, expressed her thoughts: “The evening was incredibly moving to remember the overdoses that have occurred in our community. It was also very uplifting to spend time with so many people in recovery. The joy of spending time together was evident throughout the park. The candlelight vigil at the end of the evening focused those of us in attendance on our mission to reduce and eliminate overdoses in our communities.”

Cove’s active participation in events like the 2023 Overdose Awareness Night not only showcases their dedication to the cause but also reinforces the idea that recovery is possible when the community comes together.

In an era where substance abuse and addiction continue to impact lives, Cove Recovery, LLC is a team dedicated to supporting and treating community members with addiction issues and their families. As they forge connections and extend their hand to those in need, they hope to illuminate a path toward recovery and a brighter future for the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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